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Couponing Testimonials

Thank you all for your wonderful testimonials, keep them coming… Please feel free to leave a comment about your couponing experience. We’ll be sure to post it and comment on it. You may also comment on our facebook and follow up on twitter.

“When I stumbled across an advertisement for a coupon class, it really
peaked my interest because I had never heard of a coupon class. The
class was local, so I thought, “I use coupons so why not see what this
is all about”. Needless to say, I was really taken by surprise about
how little I actually knew about using coupons. I would use a few here
and there, but Sister Save a Lot taught me how to effectively use
coupons to get the most for my money. Now I find it hard to buy
anything unless I know I’m going to get some kind of savings from my
purchase. Being a single parent and someone who entertains at home a
lot, I needed ways to cut costs on everyday items. This class really
helped me do that. On my first shopping experience after the class, I
cut my bill by 67% !!! It’s been only 2 months since I attended Sister
Save a Lot’s class and I must say, I am overjoyed with the amount of
money I have saved !!”

Vanessa Amos, Illinois


“As a coupon dabbler I really didn’t know how much
more there was to know about couponing until I took the class with
Sister save-a-lot. The class was very informative and she even gave us
some freebies. And of course the Sister save-a-lot Facebook page and
blog are a continuing source of support. Thanks so much.”

Lynette Rhymes, Illinois


Porter I attended the class the end of november. As
of today, my savings are $731…in 1 month! My husband is SUPER happy
about it, and to think, I thought couponing was silly….SMH

Natosha Johnson


I’ve actually sat through 2 of your classes. The things
that I have learned from you will follow me throughout my lifetime…I
enjoy shopping so much more now and Saving is the icing on the cake…
I love how you are so down to earth and approachable with you
teaching….I try my best to promote your classes whenever anyone asks
me about couponing

Rickey Loggins