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One on One Coupon Session

I have set aside a few dates and times to teach “One on One Coupon Tutoring” in and around Chicago. As a former teacher, I know that some pick up better when they are taught in a setting that works best for them. The one on one session cost varies.  At the very minimum, you will pay $15.00 but nothing over $25.00.  The range of rates is necessary for the travel that I may have to do to teach.   The session will last an hour and a 1/2.

 In a one on one coupon session you will receive a workbook, some starter coupons, and a FREE full size item from my stockpile. Here are some of the topics we discuss:

Sources for Coupons
Coupon Organization
Coupon Policies
Shopping Preparation
Drug Store Deals
How to shop in the Land of No Double Coupons
Uses for Expired Coupons
… and much more
Sister Save-A-Lot services One-On-One Coupon Sessions in Chicago,IL and NW Indiana, and surrounding suburbs of Chicago please contact sistersavealot@gmail.com or call 773-916-SAVE.